Make a splash in bridal barefoot sandals

Posted: Oct 16 2015

There is nothing more romantic than exchanging wedding vows with the sea and a majestic sunset as your backdrop, and the warm sand between your toes. Unfortunately, finding footwear that is both wedding-appropriate and beach-friendly can be a challenge. If you think that flip flops and sandals are your only options for your beach wedding, think again. You can be a barefoot bride and still look glamorous!

Be the most stylish beach bride and say “I do” with your feet adorned in gorgeous barefoot sandals. Yes, you read that right – the hottest trend in foot jewellery comes without a sole!

Sole less sandals don’t just look free and fun – they’re very practical too. Beaded barefoot sandals are a great alternative to heels, which have the tendency to immediately sink to the sand and ruin your grand entrance. Because they’re so comfortable, you can literally run and frolic freely with your husband on the sand without worrying about losing your balance or ruining your shoes. And you know what this means – great photo ops! (This also means you’ll be the coolest bride ever!)

These unique barefoot sandals are reminiscent of Indian bell anklets. They are often intricately beaded and connected by delicate metal chains, elastic, heavy threads, or silk ribbons. There are numerous beading patterns, appliqués, and styles to choose from. You can opt for a wedding anklet that barely covers your feet for a minimalist look, or a fully beaded crystal barefoot sandal for a truly fashionable statement. Channel your inner Roman goddess and choose barefoot wedding sandals that lace up all the way to your calves, or go for a crystal beaded anklet for a look that’s very Cleopatra.

So go ahead, ditch the heels and go barefoot on your wedding!

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