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Posted: Sep 09 2016

Last week I met up with my photographer Mikey Andersson and my long time friend Indra for a little rainforest adventure. We trekked to our local waterfall to shoot my barefoot sandals in the afternoon light. Indra is one of the most beautiful people I have ever known. As my little sister's childhood bestie, she feels like part of my family. She radiates health and kindness in every way. Her and her partner Zac live out on a peaceful farm with giant vege patches and views of endless rolling hills. She hardly ever wears makeup and just has this ability to melt your heart with one smile. Indra is a new yoga teacher and I had a vision of her in my barefoot sandals under a waterfall in a majestic setting. I styled the barefoot sandals with the colourful and comfortable yoga wear from The Divine Goddess. We are also featuring some temporary tattoos (glotatts) that can be purchased here.


Our barefoot sandal collection will be available at The Divine Goddess, Byron Bay in one more week! 

Indra wears our Flower of Life barefoot sandals. They are made from lilac crystal beads, cotton thread and an eco-friendly, nickel free metal. We love these barefoot sandals and can imagine yogi's all over the world enjoying their classes in these beauties. 


These are the Luna Light barefoot sandals. Made with clear crystal quartz, shell beads and nickel free, eco-friendly metals. Definitely my favourite pair. 

Our Pearl Moon barefoot sandals are special. Made from pearl beads, eco-friendly, nickel free metal. They would look incredible shimmering in the light in a calming yoga pose. 



Our Wanderlove barefoot sandals have been designed for the free spirited wanderer. They are made from ivory leather, wooden beads, white beads and nickel free eco-friendly metals. 


Last but not least, Indra wears the Oceans Song crochet sandals. Made from cotton thread, wooden beads, cowry shells and nickel free, eco-friendly metals. So comfortable and soft. We love these barefoot sandals and think they would add something special to your soles while you practice your yoga. 
All barefoot sandals can be purchased here.

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