Posted: May 24 2017


The 'Our World' Nude Leather Flat Sandals

We wanted to design something really fine and simple to give that ‘barely there’ feel for your wedding shoes.

The flats come with nude lace up ties, silver lace up chain or gold lace up chain. The main motivation for designing these shoes was from our customers wanting the option of wearing a sole with their barefoot sandals at certain parts of the wedding day.

You can style up any of our barefoot jewellery over the top of these and they will look incredible.


The Faithful And True Embellished Sandals

These simple, elegant sandals will be the perfect compliment to your wedding style and were designed for our customers who were searching for a finer, more sparkly bridal shoe.
The soft ivory leather acts as both a cushion and as a fashion statement that can last all through the day and well into the night. It can fit a variety of foot widths because of an elastic expansion on middle strap.


The True Romance Sandals with silver embellishments

One of our best selling styles. Practical, simple and elegant.

The True Romance heel with silver embellishments, is a feminine lower-heeled shoe that allows you to relish in comfort and carry yourself with radiant confidence.
With hand sewn art-deco style silver jewels, soft leather toes, thin ankle straps, a leather heel, leather lining, and a dual-layer comfort cushion, they look as stunning as they feel.


The Marry Me platforms are inspired by the 70’s. We love the nostalgia of this era and the idea of brides being true to themselves and making original choices that reflect their personality.
The sandals are all made from leather. They have a smooth inner lining, designed to give extra cushioning. The cushioning is a HUGE focus for us in our wedding shoes. We want to make sure the shoes are soft for our brides to wear on their wedding day. They also have a slip resistant rubber sole so wearing outdoors isn’t a worry.


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