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November is World Vegan Month & trying to live an environmentally-conscious lifestyle naturally comes with restrictions in a world made for single-use convenience, meat and animal products, and fast fashion.

But making small changes over time makes a big difference overall and can certainly have a big impact. And this is exactly what we are trying to do.


It has never sat well watching the amount of plastic waste created by packaging orders. From the plastic polybags that the suppliers send, to the delivery postage bags and the labels. It's frightening! 

Our shoes have always come in reusable, un-bleached calico drawstring bags. Now with the lovely help from betterpackaing.co we’re making the change to using SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING. Their plant-based courier satchels are 100% biodegradable and home compostable! They feel and behave exactly like plastic sans the toxic residues. We encourage reusing them after you receive your order, but if you have no further use for them, these compostable bags can simply be added into your compost bin or garden waste at home.


We are extremely proud to say that we are partnered with i=Change to donate $1 for every transaction on Forever Soles orders. 

This means that every time you buy you can make a difference to someone's life. Shop and choose to send a donation of $1 to one of three lifesaving projects.  

Learn more here.


We believe that sustainability is a journey and we are so happy to be on this path. We’ve started creating non-leather shoes and are working to continually strive towards this road. 

We want to know your thoughts on this.

Do you care what bags your shoes arrive in or have any advice on this? Let me know in the comments below or reaching out on Instagram!

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