Posted: Feb 15 2017

The Bohemian Bridal style has been a favourite trend for us since starting our business back in 2012. She has changed a little along the way though. From vintage lace and mason jars to something a little more wild, luxurious and deeper. The Bohemian bride continues to light up and fascinate our world.


 Creativity, uniqueness, and self-determination make this style attractive to women who aren’t looking to slow down. The Bohemian bride has a heart as big as her quest for adventure. She’s well traveled with a wild imagination for romance and love. As many of us know, marriage is the biggest adventure of all. The Bohemian bride is just going to keep on following her heart with wild, passionate adventures with the love of her life by her side.


You can be the barefoot bride you’ve dreamed of, or pick up comfortable wedding shoes so you can dance around and play! The eclectic bohemian style is based on the tension between contradictions: minimalism and abundance. The individual pieces you wear don’t have to be expensive. When they come together, they create a riot of experience. You can pair contrasting accent colours on jewellery, silk against cotton, and so on. The contrast in textures, qualities, and colours makes each outfit and wedding theme totally unique.



The flexibility of the Bohemian style is great for brides working on a budget.  You can look to antiques, embrace the “worn” look, and bring together odds and ends to form a beautiful wedding theme and decorations. Well-traveled brides can conjure up the romance of their travels with nods to the cultures that inspire them. Carefree Bohemian means you don’t have to stress over matching everything perfectly. Let go of the some of the wedding stress and stay present throughout the planning.


A little of the bohemian carefree spirit is especially present in every beach wedding. With sand, wind and the waves present, you have to be ready to go with the flow. Choose a dress that flows with the breeze. Sole less shoes, and hints of sparkly, boho luxe jewelry completes the look. A beach bohemian bride does what comes naturally. This carefree style is perfect for a bride who wants to trail her toes in the sand without worrying about keeping her shoes and dress pristine.


 The Bohemian style is as flexible as the women who love it. Like their sense of adventure and willingness to explore their deepest dreams and fantasies, this style is what they make of it. Focus on elegance and natural touches, or go with the flow. The most important thing about Bohemian style is to keep it genuine. Your wedding is about the journey you’re going to take together. Let your passion (and palette) guide you to unexpected places. Keep living your big, passionate, creative life on your wedding day and every day afterwards. 


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