When Freddie Met Lilly's Easton Collection captured by We Are Twine

Posted: Dec 12 2018

We are thrilled to be able to catch up with We Are Twine, the talented photographer who captured When Freddie Met Lilly's Easton Collection! We absolutely love supporting people and brands who are as passionate about brides as we are and we are so happy to be a part of this! Sharing with you an exclusive set of our favourite captures featuring our very own Pure Shores Sandals in White. Enjoy!

Can you describe the concept behind the shoot?

I was lucky enough to be asked to capture the launch of When Freddie Met Lilly’s new collection and we wanted a romantic location to showcase the stunning gowns and suits on offer. Branell Homestead and The Ovolo Inchcolm were two stand out venues offering contrasting luxurious locations, yet, both able to showcase the beautiful gowns. Branell Homestead provided a warm and whimsical setting whilst The Ovolo Inchcolm provided an old-world charm to the collection.

What was the biggest challenge of the shoot and how did you overcome?

The biggest challenge for the Branell shoot was timing. We had so many beautiful gowns and locations to photograph, with all aiming to be captured at a similar time – sunset. Planning was the key. When Freddie Met Lilly were extremely organised and carefully considered where each dress would be best positioned to showcase at the venue.

The Ovolo had a new challenge - space. The rooms are quite large, however, when working with a team of ten, we decided the best way was to separate film and photography by not overlapping areas where possible. Planning was the key here again and we worked carefully around maximising the space and time with each other.

What was your favourite moment/part or this shoot?

My favourite moment was towards the end of the Branell Homestead shoot when the bridal party were wandering through the sunset fields looking ever so exquisite. It was then that I had that warm and fuzzy feeling. It’s the moment when magic is happening, the sun was setting, the clients were enjoying themselves and everything is working in synergy. Give me an open field and a bridal party at sunset any day!

What keeps you passionate about wedding photography?

I absolutely love the romance and spontaneity on a wedding day. All the raw and anticipated emotion leading up to the ceremony is priceless. Throughout the day, each tradition is celebrated with so much joy, the events are unrepeatable and have so much meaning to everyone involved. It truly is an honour to be part of in a couple’s lives. That is what motivates me to document these unique moments and it is in the creativity in capturing this is where I truly come alive.  

Is there any advice you would give other couples regarding their wedding photography?

The best advice I can give couple would be to pick the right photographer for them.

Look at a photographer’s work on social media and their website, you should be moved and love their style.

Talk together, and if you can, meet with them. It is essential to click with your photographer and feel comfortable with each other. After all, you will be spending up to 12 hours of your day together, so ensure that you connect and have a good rapport.  

I like to get to know a couple before the big day, to find out what is important, how they see the day and also what is unique about the couple.

I aim meet with couples a few times before the big day to develop this relationship. An engagement shoot also assists in developing this relationship and gives you experience of being photographed before the big day. It’s all about feeling comfortable in front of the lens and allowing your personalities to shine through.

What’s your favourite part of weddings?

There are so many favourite moments on a wedding day, how to choose! I am a hopeless romantic, so I would have to pick when the bride walks down the aisle. The moment the couple first glance eyes on each other is so special. Whether the couple are beaming from ear to ear or pouring of happy tears, the moment is second to none. You can hear the guests’ reactions and almost feel their emotion - the atmosphere is extremely heartfelt.

Credit List:
Venue @ovoloinchcolm
Gowns & Suits @whenfreddiemetlilly
Photography @wearetwine
Film @francosfotography
Heels @foreversoles
Hair & Makeup @bella_brides
Head pieces @thelittlepackoffive
Florals @francescasflowers
Jewellery @starfirediamondjewellery
Furs @unreal_fur
Tayla Menerey @taylamenerey
Morgan MacLennan @morgan.j.mac
Johnre Blackie @johnreblackie

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