Posted: Feb 11 2016

The sun, the sand and the ocean...It’s an ideal backdrop for your perfect day. In the fantasy, there’s nothing wrong with this scene that features perfectly messy hair blowing in the breeze, waves crashing from behind and loved ones basking in the sun as you say your vows against the blue horizon. In reality, there’s wind, sand and more SAND. Yes, the dream beach wedding is indeed possible, but getting hitched beachside entails that couples think about things that other brides need not consider.


  1. It’s not about the destination (wedding), it’s about the journey. From day one of planning, keep a free-spirited, open mind. No matter how much you consider provisions, if Poseidon comes to town, you’ve got to be just as happy with your backup plan. Now with that said, be sure to have a backup plan. Most resorts and venues offer optional areas for ceremonies, or if your locale is a bit more remote, be sure to book something nearby as an alternative — just in case! Also, study the weather patterns of your desired spot, as to avoid playing it fast and loose with rainy season. [images via]

barefoot sandal 

  1. Believe in the sand beneath your toes. There’s nothing like a barefoot bride! If you truly want to capture the essence of a beach wedding, opt for the effortless beauty of barefoot sandals. Big gown? Probably not the best idea... Choose a dress that will flow gently in the ocean’s breeze, avoid lace trims that could catch sand or debris and go with a fabric that will breathe in heat.


  1. Hair-say. Long, wavy locks are simply stunning and suit the gypsy spirit, but if wind picks up, there’s nothing calming about a “strands-in-teeth” situation — not to mention, it’s harder to capture that perfect photograph if hair is constantly covering your blissful smile. Soft updos are a pretty possibility, plus they help keep you cool by freeing your neck and shoulders. Still, if you strongly prefer the relaxed and down style, think about fastening front strands back with the likes of fresh flowers. Better yet, do what you wish, just have someone on site (a friend, mom, MOH, whoever) that is trained with backup pins to get your ’do settled if necessary.

 beach wedding flower crown

    1. Veils needn’t RSVP. Anyone marrying outdoors ponders the use of a veil. While a slight breeze is fine, anything else could send the thing flying and that’s not a distraction worth having. Many beach bride's turn to flower crowns since they manage hair and add an extra accent in replace of a veil. We're major fans of @chelseasflowercrowns (pictured above). Handmade in Melbourne, Chelsea's floral headpieces are high-quality, pleasantly unique and available in custom orders. This is one of those pieces you actually would wear post-wedding! 


  1. Carefree and careful. If you pay attention to details: runners for hot sand, sunscreen, umbrellas, water bottles, etcetera, a beach wedding is peaceful and brilliant, but as with any bright idea, there’s always a few things to think about. 


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